Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Consecutive Championship Seasons 17-Yearish Spectacular Weekend!

Sadly for us, other commitments will keep us far away from the Dome this weekend, in spite of the fact that we had completely bought into the whole nostalgiafest idea. So it goes.

We've already heard that some of you have some major ex-Jay hookups planned, like @s_findlay's impending lunch with Joe Carter, and @katyunger's autograph session with a certain Mr. Stieb. Have fun with that, ladies.

We're planning on setting up a line in our living room of our bobbleheads and figurines of ex-Jays, then pretending that they brush us off quickly to get the lineups moving just so that we can get the authentic feeling of the weekend. ("Damn you Winfield! I brought the noise and you can't even be bothered to take a photo and sign my man boob?")

As we're not going to be there this weekend, feel free to send us your photos and pertinent anecdotes this weekend, and we'll see if there's anything worth posting next week.

We wish we had something interesting or inspiring to say...
...but frankly, we're just tapped out right now.

We've spent years as the eternal optimist, looking at the bright side of things for this franchise and trying to contextualize all of the crap that's happening in the here and now. But right now, as we write this, we just don't even have it in us to have an opinion on what's happening now or what's going to happen next year.

We don't even really know that we can watch the games this weekend. Because if we have to watch Joe Inglett or Kevin Millar play at any point in this series, we might just break down into uncontrolable sobs.


Andy MC said...

Since the inception of the six division and wild-card set up in MLB, there are four teams that have NOT played a single post season game: The Pittsburgh Pirates, The Kansas City Royals, The Washington Nationals / Expos...and the TORONTO BLUE JAYS !

What tremendous company to be in !!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Andy MC, that's some depressing shit.

And I refuse to be depressed, at least today/tonight.

Today and tonight, it's all about 92 and 93. Fuck the Millars and the Ingletts of our time.

Let's look back, and reminisce. For no reason at all other than because we can.


Ian Hunter said...

Millar better not ruin this game tonight, that's all I have to say. Do not put him in the cleanup spot, or there could possibly be riots.

QJays said...

Still looking forward to my first Jays game in T.O., but it won't be this weekend or anytime soon. Hope the festivities are indeed worthy of a PR-ploy-in-an-odd-year-that-draws-people-to-the-ballpark-in-August-to-watch-a-team-that-they-all-probably-just-wish-the-season-could-hurry-and-end-for-already.

No, really, I wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Joe Carter could play 1B and bat cleanup all weekend?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the ol' writers block.

Anonymous said...

Giambi has been released. The second coming of Mench/wilkerson?

Paul said...

since the Blue Jays arrived in 1977, the following teams have won World Series
New York Yankees - 6
Toronto Blue Jays - 2
Boston Red Sox - 2
Florida Marlins - 2
Philadelphia Phillies - 2
Los Angeles Dodgers - 2
St. Louis Cardinals - 2
Minnesota Twins - 2
Chicago White Sox - 1
Los Angeles Angels - 1
Arizona Diamondbacks - 1
Atlanta Braves - 1
Cincinnati Reds - 1
Oakland A's - 1
Pittsburgh Pirates - 1
Baltimore Orioles - 1
Kansas City Royals - 1
New York Mets - 1

I like reliving the past. I still get goose bumps watching the Joe Carter home run.
Jays could win 90 games and still finish 4th in the East. Not this year, but maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Michael Rooker is really slumming it there