Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Rock Out - Babyshambles "Fuck Forever"

Because we're so clever...but clever ain't wise.

Enjoy your Back2Back weekend, folks. Tell the fellas we say "hi".

Also, watch your wallets this weekend. We're seeing over on Twitter that they are charging people $60 cash money for an autograph at the TD Canada Trust BBQ thingy. And while it's supposedly going to charity, it seems a bit dodgy to spring that on people once they arrive on site. (And really, shouldn't they be handing out tax receipts for $60 "donations"?)

You know what? Forget it. They're trying to be charitable, and if they're clumsy in doing so, does it really matter that much? We're just grumpy and looking for shit to bitch about, but we should have passed on this.


MRB said...

As per usual Tao, your taste is impeccable.

Anonymous said...

So do you only get one autograph for $60?

I hear Pete Doherty does drugs.

Anonymous said...

waiver claim in on Rios - what do the Jays do?

Anonymous said...

Jesus! At least $60 gets you more blow jobs on Jarvis.