Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coquettish pictures of indie sweethearts

Well...hellllo Zooey.

How you doing, Jenny?

Seriously, we tried all afternoon to think of the one thing that was going to make all of you Blue Jays fans happy about your lot in life. We know that we've been a serious downer lately, and we're trying to find something that will make your spirits rise. This is pretty much the best that we could come up with.

And then we saw Cito's lineup for tonight, which features a 3-4-5 of Dougie Wells, Rod Barajas and Kevin Millar.

That, my friends, is almost more than we can take. Of course, now that we've said that, those three righties will tee off on lefty Jon Lester. Believe us when we say: We'd love to be proven wrong, and we'd absolutely love to be giving credit to Cito's for his razor sharp instincts later tonight.

Are you depressed? Do you need help? There are liveblogs for that sort of thing.
Drew from Ghostrunners is hosting the kvetch party over at the Score. We've been skulking around the liveblogs over there a little more often, and they're a good time. (Especially after a couple of vodka tonics.) We'll try to stop in tonight.


Darren Priest said...

Vodka tonic...ya know, that's a drink I need to made part of my rotation.

Darren Priest said...

Oh, and your predictable idealizing of manic pixie dream girls makes you a douche as much as my Affliction T-shirt!

If you disagree, I will put you in a kamora!

Drew GROF said...

How dare you speak ill of Manic Pixie Dream Girls?????

Thanks for the link Mr Tao. Stay away from the Death Cab records tonight, they'll hurt you twice as much.


Mattt said...

That 3,4,5 was enough to depress even an eternal optimist such as myself. Under no circumstances would that ever get it done, even with 5 Doc's(no offence intended to Roy).

Steve G. said...

But on the plus side, Edwin showed he can get injured just as easily as Rolen last night!