Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pitching Bonanza! The Summer of Tallet, injured pitchers, and drafted pitchers

Are you all on board with the Summer of Tallet yet? Because after last night's seven innings of two-hit shutout ball against the Swingin' Rangers of Arlington, you really should be.

Since getting blowed up real good against the Royals back in April (and sucking up that shit kicking for the good of the team and the overworked bullpen), Tallet has been solid and has given more than anyone would have guessed. In his last eight starts, Tallet has posted a 3.12 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP, with opposing hitters posting a measley .551 OPS against him in 52 innings.

And to think that Tallet's name was tossed around in the off season as the throw in that we'd give to anyone if they gave us a mediocre shortstop or Mencherson-type back.

While we are praising Tallet and his unmatched will to make this Summer his own, let's take a moment to recognize the fact that it was one John Paul Ricciardi who grabbed this guy for the low low price of a minor leaguer named Bubbie Buzachero.

Yes, this is the same J.P. who you've all fired a dozen times a week over the past seven years because of his five-year plans (no planning!) and his home address in Worcester and his reticence to share his phone number and his lack of respect for Reed Johnson. And J.P. is such an idiot that he actually got Bubbie Buzachero back in the system (1.04 ERA, two saves, 17 Ks / 3 BBs in New Hampshire) essentially, we got Tallet for nothing and Bubbie for free.

Drafting Pitchers Like Gallileo Dropped an Orange
The Jays loaded up on pitchers like it was going out of style in yesterday's MLB Draft. The Jays started off with Kennesaw State pitcher Chad Jenkins (Mr. Handsome, as Parkes called him) with the 20th pick in the first round before grabbing Scott Boras client James Paxton with the 37th pick. Paxton is lanky left-handed pitcher and a good Canadian boy to soothe the more parochially-minded of the fan base (and, as Jeff Blair noted, the Rogers folks.) A high-ceiling Canadian may well be worth the Jays going over the slot recommendations, as it seems likely that they'll have to.

(And won't it be fun to have a Boras client around these parts?)

The Jays grabbed another Canadian lefty, Newmarket's Jake Eliopoulos, with their next pick (68th overall), and Arizona high school pitcher Jake Barrett with the 99th pick.

And now, we sit an wait patiently for five years for these guys to make their way to the big leagues, and then another year after they blow out their arms. Fun!

The Drunk Jays Fans have a much better breakdown of the draft that we do, with lots of links and video, so go there for more information. We don't like to duplicate their efforts.

Another arm bites the dust
Whenever forearm tightness is mentioned for a pitcher, you pretty much bide your time and wait for the inevitable announcement that they're going to go under Dr. James Andrews' knife. Such is the case for Jesse Litsch, whose impending TJ surgery was confirmed yesterday. The Star is reporting that it could take 18 months before Litsch brings his transferred ligament back to the bigs, so here's wishing him a pink, round and efficient recovery.

In praise of Dirk Hayhurst
Last night was the first time that we got to see our springtime mancrush Dirk Hayhurst take the mound for the Jays, and he looked great in a clean frame, striking out one batter. Too bad he's not still blogging, because we'd love to see what he has to say about life in the Toronto clubhouse. (Feel free to drop us a line, Dirk!)


Capt. Obvious said...

I wish the Jays could add a couple pieces now!

Anonymous said...

Tao, you're prescient. I have a man-crush on your man-crushing.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

It really is The Summer of Tallet.

He's holding righties to a .199 batting average, and he's second in innings (74) behind Doc. What a God damn hero.

Dirk Hayhurst said...

Rios is a tool.

The Ack said...

I think Dennis Eckersley's head would literally explode if he saw Tallet's line in the boxscores this morning. There'd be mullet and easy cheese everywhere.

Voodoo Matt said...

^ That is comedy right there.

The Summer of Tallet rolls on. Giving up a guy with a name like Bubbie Buzachero would be tragic so it's a good thing they got him back. It doesn't matter what his stats are.

I was studyinhg the picture lower on the page and have come to the conclusion that Vernon Sr. could totally take Vernon Jr. in a fight.

Tao of Stieb said...

Frankly, we wouldn't mind Vernon Sr. getting a few starts in centre.

Easy Cheese is the gift that just keeps on giving. At least we have that to thank the Eck for. (Oh, and that hanger that he threw to Robbie in '92.)

Drew said...

If your Dad hasn't leveled you with a VWSR-level glare for any reason, you haven't really lived.

Or you've lived just fine and have a healthy relationship with him and the world at large.

I mean, c'mon. There'll be other arraignments!

Tao of Stieb said...

At some point this week at the Wells residence in Arlington, you've gotta know that Sr. put Jr. in a headlock and started shouting:

"You think you can take your old man?!"

My dad, of course, doesn't try that on me anymore. Because I live quite far away from him.

Gay Jays Fan said...

I love that homoeroticism that pervades Tao!

Tao of Stieb said...

Well, I would confess to being an asshole if it weren't for the fact that Gay Jays Fan would misconstrue it.

Damn it. Too late.

Ian Hunter said...

Hayhurst is officially on my radar now - can anyone remember what that weird animal was that he draws when he signs an autographed baseball?

Darren Priest said...

I think he draws a tapir.

Ice Cream Jonsey said...

Yeah, the only way Vernon is getting over on his old man is if he swings first and swings early. And yet, I would imagine that Vernon doing that at work is what they fight about most.

The ouroboros of violence continues.

Voodoo Matt said...

I think it was callled Grafoose. ?

Voodoo Matt said...

Garfoose. I looked it up. More here: