Monday, June 15, 2009

The briefest of thoughts for a Monday off day

Into every Summer (of Tallet), there must come stormy days.

Alex Rios is not the problem with the offense, and he hasn't been for a month. Hitting him sixth isn't a stroke of genius.

Sometimes, when another team comes in and smokes the ball all over the yard like the Marlins did this weekend, you tip your cap and recognize. Because frankly, they looked really good.

(A more fulsome and lengthy diatribe is certain to come to us tomorrow, but we're in a celebratory mood on a personal level, and can't really delve into the aggravation caused by this weekend's sweep. But feel free to add your own freakouts in the comments. Or try to cheer up the Ack, because dude sounds like he needs it.)


Fangarello said...

Don't get me wrong. Things they ain't so hot. But it is mid-June and this is a talented team. Yes we are 5 games back. Yes we are now tied with Tampa. This is exactly the kind of team that can go on a tear against the Phillies and then break our hearts against the Nationals.

...And yet, I feel like something inexplicable is about to happen. I feel like the determined spirit of the Scutaro is about to take over this team. I feel like the power of a healthy Hill is going to inspire the team. I feel like the exuberance (and snappy off-field dressing) of "der Lind" is about to envelope this team. I feel like we are about to embark on something large...

... or I might be a little high. Either way - go Jays.

Anonymous said...

poke poke poke.... just not as funny post-robo-malfunction.

Blogus said...

Fangarello, you are among the true'est Blue Jays fan. A series win against the reigning champs is a must. That is the ultimate boost.

Christopher said...

Fuck you with your "Alex Rios is not the problem with the offense, and he hasn't been for a month. Hitting him sixth isn't a stroke of genius." Always got take a shot at Cito, eh?

The fact is Alex looked better than he has all year in the 6th spot. His stats may say he was doing decently for the month prior but was that what you wanted from your 10 million man?

I don't think hitting 6th has much to with his 3 game hot streak but don't act like a fucking tool and pretend that Rios has been hitting to his ability for the past month just so you can take a shot at Cito.

Darren Priest said...

Professor Griff makes a case for signing Pedro.

That would interest me.

Anonymous said...

Some may scoff, but I likes the sounds of that, Darren.

Tao of Stieb said...


Alex Rios from May 10 to June 11, the month before he got moved to the six slot:

5 HRs, 8 2Bs, 1 3B, 13 RsBI, .833 OPS.

Those aren't jaw-droppingly fantastic, be they are pretty good numbers.

Anonymous said...

alex rios putting up an .800 OPS with the quality of defense he plays is just fine, IMO. yes, he is capable of more offensively, at least thats what all the experts say, but alot of his value comes from his glove. he is a top 5 defensive outfielder and should really be playing CF, which would make him a whole lot more valuable. vernon on the other hand, well thats another story.

QJays said...

Re: Rios and Cito. Look, if you love Cito, love him, but the Wells and Rios moves are about as valid criticisms as there could be and they should be made. Why get upset about it?

Tao of Stieb said...

There's a distinction to be made between adapting and evolving, and just making changes.

Moving Rios to sixth and Wells to third was change for the sake of change.

It didn't really address the problems.