Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Rock Out (Ack Edition): Matt Mays & El Torpedo

Apropos of not much really, this Friday's last-minute Rock Out is borne of a lethal cocktail of unpreparedness and lethargy.

Between the Tao's early departure for the weekend and my own personal recurring nightmarish flu bug (no, I haven't been to Mexico recently - I have a kid in daycare, which is approximately 1,543 times worse), some of you hardcore indie/"college" music fans may call this selection uninspired and lacking in The Cool Factor that have become a hallmark of the Tao's selections.

Me, I just call it a fun rock song by an underrated Canadian rocker and his (now-defunct) backing band. The kind of song that might help you forget about an 0/5 with 5K's line from your etched-in-stone number three hitter, for example. Not to mention your homerless-in-a-month number four.

Halladay > Grienke.

Go Jays.


Anonymous said...

El Torpedo's defunct? When did that happen?

*moment of silence*

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Halladay > Grienke.


The Ack said...

Yeah, bummer, saw a note on the interweb about it a few days back. Cool live show.

legallyBlonde said...

hey hey! Nice blog...although I can't say I'm a die-hard canadian baseball fan. Congrats on 1,000! xo

Torgen said...

I'm having a Friday J-Pop Out with Rythem. I'm pretty sure there was no benefit to mentioning that.