Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Hello friends.

Occasionally, I am shocked by the number of pageviews that this rather drab and static site receives. And not just those from myself trying to remember what it was like when I wrote stuff that was full of passion and vigour and punk rock mic stand kicks. When I read it, I think: That kid had potential.

Anyways, if you're looking for me, you'll find all of my recent scribblings over at the Sportsnet site. Here's the link:

(I included the full link because I like the way that I'm referred to as an "author".)

Also, I'll probably post a short thing or two here on occasion. Just to burn the gunk out of the engine. Maybe to indulge in my introspection into the process of being an anonymous blogger/content creator/author/guru/Solid Gold dancer.

I continue to appreciate your patronage, and please do give the Sportsnet site your clicks. They've been very good to me, and it's always nice to hear when a post goes over well on their site.

Besides: I really did prefer R.E.M. in the Warner Bros. days over their IRS records. I know you think you love Life's Rich Pageant, but let's be honest here. New Adventures in Hi-Fi blows all that jangly college rock shit out of the water. 

(Ok, Document's great. But they were already checked out and on their way to the major label at that point anyhow.)