Sunday, June 7, 2009

A two sentence post on.....the Jays' magic cure-all

Speaking of things that are good for what ails you, the good Doctor takes the hill for the Jays in the series finale against the ever-shitty Kansas City Royals. If the Jays can't manage a series win out of this, I'm likely to fall into a depression the likes of which the blogosphere has never seen......well, not really, but let's go for the drama.


Bruno Von Rottweiler said...

Nice day down here in the NYC area. Let's hope that Cito doesn't fuck up my nice day by throwing Carlson into the mix in order to bolster his confidence! Gaston doesn't want the players to panic right?

The Ack said...

Roy Halladay is just so.....fucking....good.

Anonymous said...

What do u guys think about adding Matt Holliday? I can see it going down, JP is buddies with Bean and Holliday will prob be moved before the deadline.

What prospects do u think it would take to pull it off.

Hollidays numbers outside of Colorado are somewhat alarming though.

-Neal (metro NY jays fan)

Anonymous said...

Russel Branyan might be a cheaper option to add some boom to the lineup card.


Torgen said...

I think Nick Johnson is better, especially if Boston is going to wait for Ortiz, because they were supposedly one of the players for him.