Monday, September 17, 2007

Somebody call Patch Adams

As if the Jays long season of injury absurdity hadn't thrown enough our way, here comes the news that Scott Downs is going to miss the Boston series due to a case of gout.

Insert your own David Wells comment here.

Meanwhile, Lyle Overbay , seen above testing his wrist strength, will get the screws removed from his faulty appendage next week. He won't likely be available for much of anything in the interim, although we're not sure that his absence will be noticed. (Hey, that's kinda harsh for a guy we like, but at this point, we're just dumping on anyone. It's cathartic.)

Overbay should probably give the screws to Mickey Brantley once they are removed, so he can fondly remember this season and his excuses for the Jays ineptitude in his life after baseball. Which should be starting any day now.

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