Thursday, September 13, 2007

A dream of .500 ball

Not so long ago, we figured that the Jays would end up at about 83 wins for the season. A disappointment, but still, above .500, which is respectable on some level.

Last night's 4-1 loss to the Yanks (the Jays' fifth straight defeat) drops the Jays below .500. With a schedule packed with Yanks, BoSox and the Mighty Mighty Devil Rays, we're finding it hard to believe that this team ends the season on the right side of the even level.

Gibbons Watch (It's Back!)
Way back in a Jays Nest roundtable, we linked the likelihood of John Gibbons sticking around to the team's win total: "We’d tie this to their Jays’ final record: if they win 83 or fewer games, he’s gone."

As recently as last week, we figured that Gibby was back for sure. Now, with the team in a tailspin, we're wondering if Mickey Brantley might have some company at the dole office.

Update: We note (h/t to Neate) that J.P. said on Jays Talk last night that Gibby will be back...but if this team ends up at or below .500, it seems difficult to imagine that those above the GM in the decision-making process would allow that to happen.

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