Friday, September 14, 2007

Vote for BJ Birdy!

The fellas at the always stellar Home Run Derby (Because Chicks Dig the Long BallTM) are running a Mascot Bracket to determine who the most awesome MLB mascot of all.

When it came time for the choice of the Jays mascot to be included in the Feather Division, the HRD crew quite rightly chose to forgo the Jays' overly-focus-grouped Ace in favour of the old classic, BJ Birdy. (Oops, Update: We just realized that Ace is there, as the four seed.)

BJ is the six seed, in tough against the three seed, Baltimore's "The Bird". (No, really, that's what they call him. Why not just "Hey! Look! Mascot!" or "Dude in Costume"?)

At last look, BJ is trailing by a fairly substantial margin, but we have full confidence that at some point over this weekend, you Jays fans will pull yourselves out of your mediocrity-induced bender, and vote for BJ.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote for BJ!

While we support the team, we have to say that BJ was kind of a crappy mascot. Then again, he was our crappy mascot. He's like the stuffed toys that you see at Wonderland: made cheaply, looking like they'll fall apart before you leave the park, but damn it, the kids still love 'em.

On the other hand, Ace kinda creeps us out...he's the Patrick Bateman of mascots: he looks just psychotic enough to be responsible for the 2004 disappearance of his former paramour, Diamond.

"Is Ace gonna have to beat a bitch down with this here bat?"


Darren Priest said...

In the wild, Blue Jays are notoriously aggressive and territorial. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Diamond was pecked to death by Ace. That's what happened to my friend's budgie. Who needs Alfred Hitchcock, just get yourself a bird feeder and watch the horror show.

Tybalt said...

I still believe that Diamond is "living" in a pit up at Godfrey's cottage deep in the Muskokas. It puts the lotion on its feathers, or it gets the hose again.