Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's official - Johnny Mac's a millionaire

Two years at $1.9 million per. (Globesports.com)

We can't wait to see the gold and diamond-encrusted grill that Johnny Mac will start sporting now that he's rich.

Another reason why John McDonald deserves the Gold Glove
Ask any Hollywood starlet. When it comes to love, Derek Jeter's got no glove.


Drew said...

I'm officially never paying my cellphone bill again.

"If you're just going to piss it away Ted..."

Darren Priest said...

Hey Kids, this is why you take those fielding drills for serious!

halejon said...

How is this pissing it away? 2 mil is not a lot for a defensive specialist, let alone the best in the league...Alex freaking Cora gets 2 mil.