Monday, September 10, 2007

The Jays' weekend not as bad as Britney's, but remarkably similar

Disappointing, though we have come not to expect much. Listlessly going through the motions. Full of excuses. Seemingly indicating a precipitous fall to come.

And Britney sucked, too.

Looking forward
Roy Halladay takes on the The Gambler at 7:05 tonight in a one-game make-up at Comerica. After that, they do the tour of the AL East, with seven versus the Yanks, six against Baltimore and three each against the Sox and the Mighty Mighty Rays of the the Devil.

Welcome to the fold
Maldonado Over Everything, yet another Jays blog full of angst, bile, and hate for Dick Griffin. As if there weren't enough of that to go around. (And incidentally, MOE used the "Dick in a Bag" joke before we did, although we doubt their as big a JT fan as we are.)

Welcome back
To Joanna from Hum and Chuck. She's back from Italy, and she doesn't much care for what she's seeing from the Jays upon her return. On a positive note, a few weeks of dealing with aggressive Italian men will certainly prepare her for the incessant come-ons from the boys over at DJF.

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