Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A tale of two B.J.'s

B.J., the Birdie: Not to take all of the credit, but thanks in large part to our extensive campaign last week, B.J. Birdie lives on in the Home Run Derby Mascot Brackets. No word on who's next, but we've now set out sights on a Final Four spot. Also, note that this week's bracket features Youppi! versus some stupid White Sox tandem, and Youppi!'s getting killed. Click here to go vote for Youppi! (We can't help it...typing the word Youppi! makes us happy.)

B.J., the Closer: B.J. Ryan is in Toronto, and throwing from 40 feet. Which is, just for reference sake, about twice the distance at which you'd trust Russ Adams to throw with any accuracy.

1 comment:

Richie Rich said...

You can take all the credit for BJ Birdy's win. He was getting pummelled until some Tao saved him.

BJ Birdy matches up against The Famous Chicken in the next round.

Get ready.