Friday, September 14, 2007

Joe Torre doesn't care for your video game monkeyshines

Yankees manager Joe Torre got his hernia in a snit this week, when a sixth inning jumbotron video game promotion degenerated into a festival of A-Rod-targeted beanballs.
"It's ridiculous," Torre said after the Yanks beat Toronto, 4-1. "Some of the videos they have period, it's all about violence. There are certain cities, one of our players gets knocked down and they start laughing and cheering. I don't understand it."

"To me, this game is about playing it and not about hurting somebody. To me, if you show it at a ballpark, you're telling the youngsters it's OK to do it and that's not a good message to send. I don't know if it's hockey - it's a little more of a violent game than ours - and I'm not sure if that's a carryover in what they do or how they promote.

"It certainly lacks good sense, I think."

Torre offered no comment on the Chili Pepper Races.

Truth be told, we'd like to see the promotions staff figure a way next year to include Alex Rodriguez in a jumbotron game of Leisure Suit Larry. That would really set Torre off. (Supposing, of course, that Rodriguez is any of Torre's concern next year...somehow, we don't imagine that he'll have the option of hitting A-Rod eighth anytime beyond this season.)

Joe Torre brushes back Jays' A-Rod video game (NY Daily News)

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Darren Priest said...

Does this mean the Jays don't intend to make an offer for A-rod's services. I mean, he would have to stay at third of course, since we already have invested in a shortstop.