Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Win! Homers! Screw Small Ball!

When Coco Crisp popped up his bunt in the eighth tonight, we jumped up and shouted "Yeah! Screw your small ball!" (Mrs. Tao shot us a look of death, but we explained that it's better that we yell at the players on TV than at her. She didn't seem to buy it.)

When Vernon Wells cranked one into the deep seats, giving the Jays the 6-4 win over the Red Sox, we felt completely vindicated. (Although a bit more reserved in our cheering, seeing as how no one else would hear it.)

Anyways: Screw small ball.

And another thing
Why do the Massholes look so goddamned pleased with themselves every time they sing Sweet Caroline. It's not as though they don't sing it every home game. It's a Neil Diamond song...get over it! (And that goes double for you, Jamie Campbell!)

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