Monday, September 24, 2007

Jays split, Litsch makes Yanks his...well, you know

In a stunningly brief (two hours, 42 minutes!), the Chiefs Jays beat the Yankees 4-1 to split the series. You're welcome, Red Sox Nation. Curtis Thigpen (who looks infinitely better at the plate now that he's getting some playing time) stroked a double under the glove of that Alex Rodriguez in the second, and came around to score on a John! McDonald! Double!

How beautiful was this? Speaking of McD, we hope that every manager in the AL had the chance to see Derek Jeter muff a routine ball at short, allowing Alex Rios to score. Because a vote for Jeter for Gold Glove is a vote for mediocrity. And herpes.

Pink/Round/Efficient, Redux: How could we have ever found a way to describe Jesse Litsch if Joanna at Hum and Chuck hadn't given us those three fantastic descriptors. Today's surprise starter looked great, holding the Yanks to five hits and one run, and most importantly, no walks. (See, it's not just a joke! Litsch truly was efficient!)

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