Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Take that, Dirt Dogs

Douchey corporate mainstream media blog Boston Dirt Dogs (Jimmy Fallon luvs us! Buy our swag!) is completely to blame for last night's 4-3 Jays win versus the Sox.

Oh sure, they didn't give up three walks and two hits like a certain someone from Mascouche.

But when they demonstrated their utter lack of respect for Dusty Lambchops and his outstanding complete game performance on Monday by asserting the Rose McGowan could have mowed down the Sox that night, they clearly angered the Gods of Baseball. The Gods of Baseball love them some lambchops, and love them some Dusty, and won't stand for this sort of navel-gazing from the "Nation". And now, Red Sox fans will be punished for the next 80 years, and will suffer from the Curse of the Dirt Dogs. You read it here first.

A.J. Rocks: A.J. Burnett silenced the critics, even if only momentarily, with another stellar performance last night. Since coming back from the DL on August 12, A.J. has dropped his ERA from 4.09 to 3.40. Anyone who has watched Burnett deal since coming back from the DL that still wants to call him a ".500 pitcher", is obviously a hateful person who hates kittens and ice cream too. Fuck 'em.

Gagné? C'est plutot Perdu! We're not looking for a job as a pitching coach (unless you're offering, in which case, sign us up), but it looks to us as though Eric Gagné has stopped using his strong legs to drive towards the plate, and is standing up in his delivery, leading to all of those pitches high in the zone. It looks as though he is also throwing mostly with his upperbody, which could explain his complete lack of command.

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