Saturday, September 1, 2007

Please consult your batting order before hitting for extra bases

It might have gone down as one of the weirdest plays of the year. When Lyle Overbay and Aaron Hill hit out of order in today's 2-1 nailbiter over the Mariners, Hill had a double wiped off the boxscore and was called out. This precipitated a discussion at home plate that lasted about as long as one of Roy Halladay's starts.

It was obviously embarrassing for the Jays to have screwed this up, but their shame should be compounded by the fact that this is the second time this season that they have messed up the lineup cards.

(Side note: Note the Canadian Press game story in the G&M...apparently, two beat reporters are not enough for Canada's National Birdcage Liner, since they've been drawing content from CP for more than a week, and still have not updated their now-ten-days-stale baseball blog.)

Generally, the lineup card is the responsibility of the bench coach, so let's at least keep an eye out to see if any of this blows back on Ernie Whitt.

The Triumphant Return of the Sideburn
Dustin McGowan finally gets off the shnide with eight innings of solid and aggressive pitching. It's his first win since August 5, and one that the Jays anemic offense made him work for.

September Callups
Adam Lind joined the Jays today, while pitchers Joe Kennedy and Josh Banks, infielder Hector Luna and catcher Sal Fasano should join the team after this weekend's series in Ottawa. Banks looked outstanding against a weak Ottawa lineup today, giving up six hits in 7.2 innings in a 5-1 win over the Lynx, while Luna may be limping his way back to T.O. after fouling a ball off his foot this afternoon.

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sager said...

Man, I was at Ottawa U's basketball game, so I missed that... it happens across 162 games, I guess.

Still, that's a mistake the Strickland Propane team in the Arlen co-ed rec slo-pitch league wouldn't make.... I guess that's why you don't put Boomhauer in charge.