Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why you don't go to the game with Mom

You'll have to stick with this video through about 30 seconds of Jay Onrait's monkeyshines before getting to the real goods, but check out the look on the kid's face when his mom makes him give the ball to the junior douche in the Yankees cap. (Added bonus: the video of Johnny Damon taking $20 from a fan for a baseball, then handing it to the first kid he sees.)

So wrong.

Mind you, as a rule, we don't give the foul balls that we catch to kids, because you know they're going to just get left outside and get caught under the lawnmower in a week's time.

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Darren Priest said...

Nice work, Mom! Betcha junior douche's mom wouldn't have done that.

As for Damon, he can afford to give away $20s now that he's a Yankee. When he was the Sawx favored son, he would have had to pocket that cash.