Sunday, May 20, 2007

Who Put The Weight of The World On Their Shoulders?

Hopefully last night's laugher was the start of a trend. For too many weeks now the much ballyhooed Jays offense has been anemic. One has to think that the lack of run support from the big hitters (most noteably Vernon Wells and Frank Thomas) put a major weight on the pitching and put in play the major overhaul of the starting rotation and bullpen. Would we have seen Jesse Litsch in May if the Jays had been consistently scoring runs as designed? Something tells us that Ohka and Towers would still be plugging away giving up 4.5 runs a game but winning while the young arms would be developing outside of the pressure of The Show.

Young starter Sean Marcum summed the situation of getting run support up nicely after last night's game --"It's huge. You've got a little bit more room for error. If you do miss a spot, they can't hit a six-run homer to tie the game. It's nice to have that comfort."
Time for Gibby to stop f-ing around with the lineup. Whatever it was last night worked. Period. Leave that scab alone!

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Todd Devlin said...

I hear ya. It WAS about time! Hopefully the bats keep it up. Dammit, it's currently 3-0 in the fourth.