Thursday, May 10, 2007

Move Along! Nothing To See Here!

After a meeting yesterday between Jays VP Paul Godfrey, JP Riccardi, John Gibbons, and his caoching staff, the Jays strongly announced that despite the seven game losing streak, no one was getting fired. Well, how did you jerks feel last night as another loss was added to the streak? Last night both the offense and defense were to blame. Unispired play all around.

Ohka escaped the game after 4 and 2/3 innings with only giving up three runs. Josh "Gas Can" Towers and the normally solid Scott Downs coughed up three runs each to leave the score at 9-3.

Something has to happen. Anything. If management isn't going to change, look for some personnel changes. We think that MacGowan will now get a spot good bad or indifferent. They'll probably move up the plans to put Casey Janssen in the rotation as well. This will be an improvement over the failed Victor Zambrano project. But we know this isn't the answer to get the Jays back in the race. But there isn't anybody willing to part with a good arm at this time of year for a bat. So sit tight and wait...for next year?

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Jim Briggs said...

"Wait for next year." The worst words you could hear in early May.

I did have to turn my head a bit at a caller to Ricciardi's post-game conversation/call-in (which I must admit takes cojones on his part to keep doing), who suggested, if Zambrano sucks, and Ohka sucks, and we're getting 5+ERAs from these guys, why not just put in Janssen, Marcum, McGowan as 3-5 with their 6+ERAs considering they at least have some upside.

On one hand, dude's right. On the other, if that's where we are right now, especially given that the vaunted offense is in a James Brown-worthy funk, it's beyond dire.

So he's right that it's dire, is my conclusion. Moves will undoubtedly be made -- hopefully they are not of the Young-for-Loaiza variety (IMO one of the all-time worst trades).

And Josh "Gas Can" Towers? That, my friend, is remarkably creative. Love it.