Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Former Jays Managers - Their Not-So-Brilliant Careers

We were thinking about Gibby's post-Jays career this morning...even though he hasn't officially been fired, we kinda figure that it is only a matter of time.

And we got to thinking about the other Jays managers over the past two decades, and how none of them since Jimy Williams have resurfaced as a manager at the MLB level. To wit:

Cito Gaston - Four pennants and two World Series with the Jays, and the best that he's managed since getting the heave-ho 10 years ago is a hitting coach position back with the Jays.

Tim Johnson - Whatever you might think of his tendency towards prevarication, he managed the Jays to their best record since the World Series years. After several years managing in Mexico, he is currently the manager of the Lincoln Saltdogs of the American Association.

Jim Fregosi - The gravel-voiced Fregosi was turfed after two above .500 seasons at the helm. He was cantankerous, abrasive, and certainly not the cuddly fan-friendly type that some might hope. Since getting canned, Fregosi has held front office positions in the Braves system, and was mentioned as a possible candidate for the Phillies job that eventually went to Grady Little.

Buck Martinez - Martinez came to the job as a media-friendly fan favorite, as much for his years of work behind the mic on Jays broadcasts as for his work behind the plate for the team in the 80's. He finished his year and a half as the Jays' skipper 10 games under .500, and his only managing work since was his rather inauspicious work with Team USA at the WBC.

Carlos Tosca - Managed the team to a 191-191 record in his (sort-of) three seasons at the Jays' helm. Currently the bench coach for the Florida Marlins.

A fundamental question for the Jays at this point in the season is this: would any other team - and moreover, any other team with aspirations towards contending - hire John Gibbons as their manager?

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