Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Jays were down 7-5 to the Yankees in the top of the ninth -- A-Rod at first and Matsui at third --two out. Posada lifted an infield fly between 3rd base and second as callup Howie Clark (3B) and SS John MacDonald eased towards the ball to make the easy play. But they didn't. The ball dropped between them. Why? As the replys clearly show and as the Jays' infielders will tell you, somebody (aka Alex Rodriguez) other than Clark or MacDonald yelled "Mine!" causing each player to think that the other was going to field the ball. How clever. Something that we want young kids to emulate. The equivalent of an office worker forging a letter to get a coworker fired. Of draining the brake fluid on an adversary's car. Troy Glaus put it best -- Not since I think 'Major League II,' the movie; I think that's the only time I've ever seen it on the field," Glaus said. "I've never heard of someone doing it and I've never seen anybody do it. That's not proper. That's not the right thing to do."
What did A-Rod have to say about it? "I could care less," Rodriguez said. "We're looking not to be swept. It really doesn't make a difference; we won. Those guys have their opinions, our guys have ours. I'm fine with that."

He's an "A-1" Jackass.


Huguenot said...

This is where HD is even more glorious... watch A-Rod respond to his 3rd base coach..."F-Them" (towards the Jays). Then as he enters the bench he has some choice words for the fans above teh dugout. I guess they were fornicate themselves as well.

How long before the rest of the Yankess grab their sacks of dorrknobs and go to town?

Unknown said...

A good bench-clearing brawl might've been the best thing for both teams. (If Tha Yanks would've even stood up for A-Rod.) John McDonald would've been legendary if he'd just pulled a "Barrett on Pierzynski" at third.

And A-Rod? You obviously care, since if you "could" care less, you care. If you "couldn't" care less, then you don't care.

Joanna said...

Cheating, adultery and BAD GRAMMAR. They will all be in his next children's book.

I think plunking Giambi immediately after would have done a world of good. Because then Giambi is ARod's problem. Then he'd see if his guys "had a problem with it". What a sad little man he is.