Monday, May 28, 2007

A visit from the Evil Empire ain't what it used to be

After getting swept by the Angels this weekend, the Yankees limp into T.O. six games under .500, sitting in fourth place, a half-game back of the Jays and 12.5 back of the Red Sox.

It looks really good on them.

Seeing the names of the pitchers who'll toe the rubber for the Yanks in this series - Matt DeSalvo (1-1, 5.29) and Tyler Clippard (1-1, 3.60) , sandwiched around the aging Andy Pettitte (3-3, 2.66) - it gives a modicum of hope to us here.

That is, until we remember that Mickey Brantley is still the Jays' hitting coach.

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rozeguy said...

After seeing that bush league trick that a-rod pulled tonight to distract the Jay's third baseman, Yanks should be totally embarrassed by this guy. What a clown. Standing up out of a slide to throw an elbow at second base against Boston and of course the famouse "slappy" incident during the AL championship series in 2004. This guy is an embarrassment to the Yankees.