Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Time To Panic!!!

It's May now and the Jays' inconsistent ways aren't funny anymore. The offense is fine. The defense is ok. There are two issues as we see it:

  1. Pitching - Surprise! The pitching is the main issue. Sure the loss of BJ Ryan is a major factor, but the biggest factor is that beyond Roy Halladay, no other starter seems to be able to go past the fifth inning (I realize that Ohka went into the eighth last night). This puts a heavy strain on the young guys in the pen. Toronto needs another arm. But how? Hard choices will need to be made.
  2. The Mental Game - Unless the Jays are at the plate, we don't see much intensity from the team. This is squarely a management issue. Either they have players that aren't capable of being in the game mentally, or the management doesn't know how to keep them in the game. Maybe it's time for a change at the head of the team. We love Gibby and value the job that he did through some tough times, but we have the feeling that he is a better manager for a group of loveable losers, than a team with playoff expectations.


Jim Briggs said...

First off, I'm a great fan of your blog and of Dave Stieb (wore his #37 in all my ball as a kid).

Second, I am not even sure I like Gibby as a manager of lovable losers. Give me Matthau any day if that's what you're looking for. Plain and simple, Gibbons can't get much out of limited talent and he's not getting much more out of AL-East competitive talent. I wouldn't mind seeing him, and a trainer who has overseen I-don't-know-how-many guys with throwing arm injuries, canned pronto in hopes of saving this season. Me, I'd snap up Girardi before the Yanks start looking too long and hard at him. That, or we finally give Ernie his shot.

Keep blogging, btw, it's too good.

shortwaveboy said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! We enjoy writing the blog and hearing from fellow Jays fans like yourself.

I agree with you on Girardi. I think he is just the type of leader that this team needs.I also think that the odds are good that we'll see a new face soon after todays loss to Texas.