Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jays Steal One From Yanks

A certain columnist from a certain newspaper in Toronto has long been bemoaning the Jays reliance on the home run instead of small ball tactics (He'd be happier if they were an NL team in general. Especially if they relocated to a city other than Toronto.). Well he should be pleased with the past few games. Last night's in particular.
Since the juggernaut offence has not been working as advertised, John Gibbons has been forced to rely on a bag of NL tricks to get runs. Bunts, steals, sac flies, pitching matchups, and stellar defense were keys to last night's victory. Aaron Hill's thrilling steal of home on Pettite in particular was the ultimate small ball play.
But while that style can be very exciting, doubles and home runs are better from a winning standpoint in the AL where most teams can really rake. It was lucky for the Jays that the Yankees are slumping badly. Otherwise we may be talking about a spirited 7-3 loss. So, we are glad that the approach worked out in the past couple of games, but we need to see the big lumber come out of its slumber.

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