Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gibbons Watch: Blair Joins In

Getty Images

The Globe and Mail's Jeff Blair just posted an interesting column re: the Jays performance without BJ Ryan (7-12 since he went on the DL). From the quotes offered up by Blair you can tell that Gibby is feeling the heat:

"Look, if there are people who think that this team is underachieving, well, that's the way they can look at it if they want to," Gibbons said Monday from San Antonio, where he spent the off-day with his family after a weekend sweep by the Rangers. "I don't feel that way."

Gibbons said he would be back in Toronto "unless, you know, I get a phone call telling me not to come back." He didn't. But there's not much guarantee beyond that without a couple of quick wins.

Winning the series against the Red Sox would definitely hold off the sharks for a while, but given the pitching matchups, that may be too much to expect.