Thursday, May 10, 2007

What came first, the Blue Jays or the misery?

Are we miserable because we're watching the Blue Jays, or do we watch the Blue Jays because we're miserable?

In the bottom of the first, when Glaus gets caught napping off first, turning a bases loaded, one out situation into a quick end to the inning, you just had to feel like it wasn't going to go well from then on.

This is what happens to bad teams.

Nine losses. No closer. And no relief in sight.

We're wondering what sort of votes of confidence will be handed out tomorrow amongst the brain trust that put this team together.


Jack said...

What's up with Roy? Something has to be hurting him, no? Those are two strange starts.

I remember ESPN's Buster Olney having a blog item about three weeks back about his mechanics being off, possibly to compensate for an injury.

Tao of Stieb said...

I was wondering if something was up with his armslot, and he's not getting enough movement on his pitches.

Then again, he seems to labour when he has to pitch out of the stretch for extended periods of time. And both of those big innings came with two outs.

Scary. Losing Ryan sucks...losing Halladay...there's not enough bourbon in Kentucky to make that go away.


I read the Olney piece too, thinking, "naaah, things've gotta be OK. Roy knows what he's doing." Buster's usually on his game, though. I don't want to even think about something really being wrong with #36. If there was, you might see actual tears spill from a computer screen for the first time at

Bourbon might be the only item on the menu this summer if this shite continues.


you know I meant #32. too much wine tonight.

Stinky Fingers said...

"too much wine tonight."

There's not enough beer in the world that could/would kill the nasty-ass taste in my mouth from this sorry swoon. Over the past several days...okay since Sunday...I've found myself wondering WWGD? What Would Gillick Do? We know the answer. Asscan Jimy, bring in Cito. Do it, JP and you'll be a freakin' saviour. Oh, and sign some freakin idiots who can gawdamn pitch.