Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Jesse Who?" Burnett Shows Who's Boss

Not to be outdone by the rookie soon to be known as "D-Litsch-shus", former underachiever AJ Burnett threw a gem of his own last night to complete the Jays sweep of Baltimore. Consider his line:

  • IP - 9
  • H - 3
  • R - 1
  • ER - 1
  • BB - 2
  • K - 10
  • HR - 1

The guy who walked 9 batters in his only career no-hitter actually pitched much better on balance last night.

Burnett's last three starts have been solid with the last two being Ace worthy. His only really bad start this year was in Cleveland where, let's face it, the whole team decided to go in the shitter at once. If Burnett can keep this up and some of the young guns can stick it out,... and the offence finally starts producing as it should,... the Jays may have a chance to at least compete with the Yankees for second in the AL East. If "Ifs and Buts" were candy and nuts...

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