Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Battle of the Birds Take Two. Jays Win!

A week ago the Jays would have crumbled at the sight of Eric Bedard. Last night however, the Jays played the game like they had some confidence. Despite the fact that Tomo Ohka gave up 3 early runs on HRs to Jay Gibbons and Nick Markakis, the Jays battled back to tie it on RBIs from Jason Phillips and Troy Glaus. The game was put away in the eighth on Troy Glaus' 2 run blast.

Highlights of last night's game:
  • Troy Glaus - The hobbling manboy was back in the lineup and made his presence felt. We have the feeling that his heel will continue to cause him trouble, but we'll take a missed game here and there if we can get clutch performaces like this a couple of times a week.
  • The Bullpen - Downs, Jannsen, and Accardo pitched 4 innings combined allowing two hits, no walks, and no runs. Plus Accardo looked like a real closer last night. Bonus!
  • Honourable Mention, Tomo Ohka - After giving up two early home runs, Ohka hung in there and shut the Orioles down long enough to give the bullpen a reasonable chance to get a win.

We haven't written a post like this in a long time. Kind of lacking in drama, but it feels good.

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Jim Briggs said...

If Accardo can solve the closer woes (a proposition that, really should have been examined the moment BJ went down), that would be really auspicious for a team that's suffered a lot this year.

I'm liking what I see so far.