Friday, May 25, 2007

Examining Gibby's Rationale

In the Star's game story from last night, Gibby's states his rationale for sitting Rios is that he wanted to get as many lefty bats in the lineup as possible against the right-handed Jeremy Guthrie.

Except that in Rios slugs 115 points higher against righties than Lind (.519 to .404), and has exactly twice as many homers (8 to 4) and RsBI (18 to 9) as Lind versus righties in just 28 more ABs.

Maybe the Jays want to find comfortable situations to insert Lind into the lineup, but given his precipitous slide in the past few weeks (along with Matt Stairs' sudden emergence), the time may be right to send Lind back to Syrcuse for a little more seasoning.

A hat tip to Neate at Out of Left Field, who quite rightly compares a Gibby-Sam Perlozzo managing showdown to the Jeopardy sketches on SNL. (Although we would have referenced the much funnier "Half Wits" sketches from SCTV, which SNL clearly ripped off.)

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