Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Tigers: They pooped on our windshield

Okay, we've been holding back on posting this guy's videos because:

a) We're not certain that he is mentally stable, and we thought it was a little cheap to laugh at him, and
b) The whole pot-kettle-black matrix.

But having said that, we can't deny you any longer, because:

a) There isn't enough good news from the Jays to keep us happy, and
b) You people seem to like funny videos.

So, you can keep your Peter Gammons, and your Ken Rosenthals, and your Rob Neyers. This, my friends, is baseball analysis:

If you enjoyed that one, then try this one on for size. Everyone's a got a prop comic lurking inside of them. (Lurking being the operative word.)

He posts almost daily, and lately has been on a vaguely Travis Bickle-ish obsession with Michigan's Governor. Go see him now, before you see him led away in cuffs on CNN.

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