Friday, May 25, 2007

Jays Ride A-Train To Victory

Going into last night's game, the Jays hadn't won a game this season when trailing after six innings. But solid pitching by the bullpen, a highlight reel throw to home by Matt Stairs, and home runs by Frank Thomas and Matt Stairs kept the team in the game. But it was the spark of Alex Rios bat coming off the bench (WTF?) in the eighth inning that really made the difference. His RBI single in the eighth and go-ahead home run in the tenth did the trick. Jeremy Accardo continued his amazing seasson by shutting the Orioles down in the bottom of the tenth to get the save.
But back to Rios. What is going on with him being benched so regularly? Is he injured? Is Gibbons insane? With no answers forthcoming, we are free to speculate wildly. We'd love to have our readers' input on this.


Joanna said...

maybe Lexi has some sort of attitude problem. He has admitted in the past that he is very emotional and he seems to get sulky sometimes. He played really well last year when he platooned with Hinske. It really lit a fire under his ass. So maybe Gibby is trying to create Hinske-less ass fire. Or maybe Gibby is just annoying. That's always a possibility. Thanks for the shout-out re. Litsch, btw

hmcs e said...

ehhh, it was probably just a day off -- with 4 outfielders and Thomas hogging the DH spot, you've got to keep them all somewhat active -- at least he used him as a pinch hitter this time instead of Johnny Mac -- I also agree that he seems to need an occasional reminder that playing every day is a priviledge -- can't fault Gibby this time, he made the right moves

Tao of Stieb said...

Well, when you are in the top ten in the AL in HRs, and you are the most consistent hitter your team has, then you have probably earned the "privilege" of starting every day.