Monday, May 14, 2007

Litsch get it on

According to Sean McAdam's big sloppy wet-kiss to J.P. on, the Jays call up AA phenom Jesse Litsch to pitch tomorrow against the Orioles.

The 22 year-old righty is putting up monster numbers in AA (5-1, 0.96 ERA, 28 Ks/7 BBs and a 0.77 WHIP), so we'll be watching with some anticipation to see what he does against an AL East rival.

And no offense to Ty Taubenheim, but we're relieved that we don't have to see him back in a Jays uniform yet.

Also in the McAdam article, J.P. - obviously feeling comfortable yakking it up with a fellow New Englander - lets fly on all of the stupid Jays fans and media who dared question him:
"What bothers me most is the wins and losses and how we play the game. I don't really care what the media thinks of me, especially people who don't know what's going on."
Not that we were really that put out by J.P.'s fibbing, but maybe if he didn't obfuscate on these issues, we'd "know what's going on."

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