Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spanked! Seventh Straight Loss.

Just in case the Jays had any delusions about turning things around after a horrific road trip, the Red Sox manhandled the team like they were in a different league. Victor Zambrano erased any chance of a victory by the third inning after he had given up the eighth run. The offence didn't have much luck against Josh Beckett who, apart from Alex Rios' leadoff homer, was locked in en route to his seventh victory of the young season.

Question: Why, if the Jays planned to use Zambrano as a starter after Towers inevitably flamed out, did they not send him to Syracuse to start the season? There he could have gotten some work as a starter. Instead, the guy pitched in dribs and drabs totalling 5 innings before he got the call to take Tower's spot in the rotation. Do you suppose that's why he's only managed 5 innings total in his last two starts? Perhaps someone should ask Gibby what his strategy was in this case.

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Jim Briggs said...

Your question as to why they didn't give McGowan the ball yesterday looks even stronger in hindsight. This rotation is, as most would have predicted, ashambles. I was hoping that competition would bring out the best in one of Towers, Ohka, Zambrano, or Thomson. Instead it seems to have brought out aggravations of injuries both mental and physical -- and the inadequacies of each starting candidate.

When Ohka, Thomson, or McGowan are looking like your great hopes to seize the #3 position, it's probably time to make a trade. I'm not certain who's going to want our rubbish, though, and Rios is not going to get us much if we're dealing from a position of desperation.