Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A tip of the casquette to Adam Godson of Bugs and Cranks (via Deadspin and MLB Trade Rumors) for his outstanding piece on how sandwich picks (the "compensatory" round of draft picks between the first and second rounds) are leading to quieter trade deadlines.

The Jays' 2007 draft offers an excellent example of how a team can hold on to a free agent to be and get a high draft pick, rather than taking a chance on another team's mid-to-low-level prospect.

The Jays had seven picks in the top two rounds plus, with five of those coming as compensation for losing Frank Catalanotto, Ted Lilly and Justin Speier. If even half of those picks turn into legitimate major leaguers, J.P.'s stand pat stance at last year's trade deadline will look absolutely brilliant.

(Well, to us anyways. We're sure that Steve Simmons will continue to have a "J.P. isn't a genius and is therefor a fraud" comment in every Sunday column until the Jays win the World Series again.)

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Darren Priest said...

Damn that sandwich looks good. The slaw too!