Saturday, July 28, 2007

Josh Towers is pissed

So back tha fuck up, yo.
"I'm just pissed period. I don't think that we showed up today," Towers said. "I think it was a horsebleep game all around, that we just gave the game away."
Oh, and that ain't even the half of it.
"I just don't think that we consistently put ourselves in position to make plays ahead of time. I don't think that we're heads-up. I don't think that we consistently show up as a coaching staff and as a team every day and I think it shows sometimes. Tonight was just a game where I felt we were in full control and we should have won and we didn't.

"Today we handed it right back to them and to me it was embarrassing."
See Mike Rutsey's Toronto Sun story for the full goods at Slam Sports.

Moreover: Dave Rouleau at Jays Nest makes a good case that the Gas Can is right (scroll down).

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