Friday, July 13, 2007

Missing his spots

Watching Doc struggle through last night's 7-4 loss to he Beantowners, we were doubled over in agony seeing how much trouble he had getting anything over the plate. Mind you, we felt like he was getting squeezed a bit by home plate umpire Laz Diaz, who we've always found to be wildly inconsistent.

Also of note: Joy of Sox (a Canadian member of the Nation) calls out Tabby and "Buffy" on some on air silliness. We presume Buffy to be Jamie Campbell, but we're late to the table...J.P. tells the Globe that Glaus isn't going anywhere: "I like Troy Glaus, I worked really hard to get him here" spake the GM, who may be trying to bump up the price.

What they say: While the Jays are taking on the Sox, we highly recommend the Providence Journal's Sox Blog, and in particular, Art Martone's Baseball Today entries. (And not just because he's occasionally linked to us. Hi Art!)

Live from the Belly of the Beast: Jays Nest's chief-in-charge Dave Rouleau is in Fenway this week to see Toronto nine. He mentions the atmosphere that is clearly palpable on Yawkey Way (and missing on Front Street/Blue Jays Way), noting "the sense of aprehension of the coming baseball game"...we think he meant "the sense of anticipation", although with the way the Jays played in the first half, he might have hit it on the nose.

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Dave Rouleau said...

Hey guys,

I was sure it translated well in english (apprehension), but seems it doesn't....thanks for the heads up.

Anyway, yeah, pretty hard start to the second half. I wish Halladay would have been stronger, especially after scoring him a run in our first presence at the plate of the game.

See ya...