Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Game Ovah

And the Chowdah-head Nation rejoices.

It's apparently a done deal now that the Big Man from Mascouche is on his way to Boston to be the Red Sox set-up man.

Which begs the question: what do we do with the Gagné McFarlane figure on our desk? Our thoughts so far:

a) Put it in a drawer until he leaves the AL East.
b) Ritualistically hang him from his goatee and ping elastics at him.
c) Just live with it, because the Jays aren't catching the BoSox anyhow.

We're leaning towards b).

Also, our friend the Red Sox fan is going to be completely insufferable.

1 comment:

Darren Priest said...

So the Sawx are guaranteeing him the 3.5 million in bonuses he wasn't guaranteed by the Rangers in lieu of the fact that he will no longer be closing games. Must be nice to through around that kind of cash...not that 3.5 million is a particular egregious amount in the Yanks-Sox arms race.