Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good-bye Bug-eyed Guy

Yesterday, the Jays released catcher Jason Phillips. Phillips was picked up a couple of years back at the recommendation of manager John Gibbons as a backup to Greg Zaun. Of course, things changed very quickly in the catching department that offseason as JP Riccardi later made the surprise signing of Benji Molina. So until this year, Phillips saw limited action behind the plate. That was a good thing. He was less than adequate behind the plate having thrown out only 11% of baserunners this year. And at the plate he was barely over .200 this year in 50 games. He was slightly entertaining on the basepaths reminding us of an awkward preteen running around his kitchen in his sock feet.

So what does his release mean? Probably three things:

  1. That Phillips sucks.

  2. That the Jays are looking to next year by giving Curtis Thigpen a look.

  3. That John Gibbon's player recommendations are no longer welcome. Remember what happened to the last management type in the Jays organization that brought in his own underachieving guy only to have it blow up in his face?

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Darren Priest said...

I don't remember! Maybe you could create a link on word "guy"