Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who were those guys?

Here's a quiz to test how big a Blue Jays fan you are In last night's 6-4 takedown of Johan Santana and the Twins, you wept tears of joy when:

a) Reed Johnson hit a homer in the first
b) The Jays turned a 3-2-5-6 double play
c) Frank Thomas hit his second homer of the night
d) A Jays catcher threw out a runner

If you picked d), then welcome to our club. Here's your monogrammed hanky.

The Jays' decision to cut loose Jason Phillips paid almost immediate dividends, when in the fourth inning, Curtis Thigpen threw out Nick Punto (Rod Black's favorite Twin, apparently).

The win pushed Santana's record to 2-4 versus the Jays, with a 4.84 ERA, which we can't possibly explain, but we'll take it in a second. We know that Jays fans are pretty reserved at the Rogers SkyDome (except when they are trying to start the wave, at which point they scream to the point of aneurysms), but we'd love to see the joint rain down a chorus of "Who's your daddy", as the Bronx fans did to Pedro Martinez back in 2003.

Is that too much to ask?

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