Monday, July 16, 2007

Facing down the Evil Empire

Why is it that every time the Yankees and Jays meet up, we hear the Darth Vader theme in our heads for the entire series?

Fresh off of a four game split with the Sox, the Jays remain a game under .500, but have slipped behind the Yankees into their customary spot in third in the AL East. (That spot in the standings likely has J.P.'s butt groove imprinted on it at this point.)

The Matchups: Monday - Towers vs Igawa, Tuesday - Halladay vs Pettitte, Wednesday - Marcum vs Clemens, Thursday - McGowan vs Wang.

More Glaus Rumours - East Coast Style!: Fox and The Sporting News baseball dude Ken Rosenthal fills up the back end of a recent column with random speculation that the Yankees could be interested in Glaus as "A-Rod Insurance". We're increasingly leaning towards shipping Glaus and his creaky carcass out the door, but certainly not to a divisional rival. (Although the Jays have recently done more intra-division trades than you would expect, sending Hinske to the Sox, or Mondesi to the Yanks, for instance.)

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