Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in the saddle

Why is it that when we get back from vacation, we always feel twice as tired as when we left? (Our life has degenerated into a Spirit of the West song.)

Maybe it has something to do with getting rear-ended (rarely a good thing) on the QEW on our way to Niagara Falls (also, rarely a good thing). We're assured that one of these days, we'll be able to turn our head to the right without pain. In the meantime, we're looking to find friends with Vicodin prescriptions. Drop us a line.

Much respect to our main man, Shortwaveboy, for dropping some serious knowledge while we were gulping back handfuls of Advil and swigging on Stoli.

There's so much from the past five days to discuss. We missed sharing our thoughts on the Jays with you all...and my brother-in-law just doesn't get all of the in jokes. ("Sorry, what was that you were saying about Felix Junior?")

1 comment:

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