Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day Hangover

A few random thoughts to consider while we scrub down the walls and clean up the broken beer bottles and stray spent fireworks of the streets.

Hearty Congrats: To Alex Rios on being named to the AL All Stars. Funny how a guy who's been perpetual trade bait for three or four years now has proven himself to be the Jays' best player for much of last season (pre-staph infection) and all of this season.

Halladay's Snub
: In truth, this has not been the most stellar start by Doc over the past few years, and the list of other pitchers included thus far is actually pretty unassailable. However, Doc could still be voted into the lineup to keep Alex Rios company, if all of the computers in New England and Japan suddenly go on the fritz.

A.J.'s DL Madness: Was he rushed back too soon, or is he simply being hypersensitive about the shoulder? The lack of velocity on his fastball last time out would indicate that the Jays likely should have given him an extra few days to recover, which begs the question: why didn't they?

J.P. in the Boston Globe: In case you need a respite from the Ken Fidlins or Richard Griffins of the world, here's an interview with J.P. from the Boston Globe on July 1.


Darren Priest said...

When I read about AJ Burnett and the myriad players that hit the DL for shoulder injuries and so forth, I can't help but think: damn! Dr. James Andrews must be one rich SOB!

Sebastian said...

Rios has not been the best Jay this year. Glaus has. By far.

Adam said...

Hahahahahahaha good one sebastian I needed a good laugh