Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blue Jays America's Least Favorite Team

In a poll of 2,372 US adults, the Jays were dead last in popularity. This follows some high place finishes in polling between '99-'04 when they were listed next to last (the Expos were last). Do you suppose any of those US adults even know where Toronto is?



It's sort of self-fulfilling, this kind of thing. On the occasion where ESPN does happen to mention a Jay, it's "you probably don't know this guy because he plays in Canada" (a la Rios at the HRD -- and they still hardly mentioned the guy!). Whose fault is that, network that can't bear to mention a team not from LA, Boston, NY or Chicago (and I suppose the Bay Area what with Bonds' chase for history blah blah blah)?

Sooper Munky said...

As a jays fan, I wasn't too bummed (or surprised) at the lack of attention given to Rios during the HRD. But am I the only one that found it a little odd that, during the final round, they kept cutting between Rios' at-bat and an interview with Guerrero?

sager said...

Stupid Harris Poll. It's all just a popularity contest.