Friday, July 6, 2007

J.P. Ricciardi - Straight tahlkah

So, in an interview with the Fan 590, J.P. basically called A.J. Burnett:
  • a wuss
  • a 'fraidy cat
  • a number four starter
  • a mistake
Nice to see this level of candour from the GM. It's really become his hallmark.

J.P. also made this clunker of a statement in the post-game show on Wednesday:
"If we had (Casey) Janssen, Litsch, Marcum, McGowan, I probably wouldn't (have signed Burnett), just because I would have that pitching lined up," said Ricciardi. (Source: Sportsnet)
Well, that's really easy to say now with the benefit of hindsight, but the point is that none of those guys were even on the radar in December of 2005. Which begs the question: Why rip A.J. publicly like this? Are the Jays trying to run him out of town like the Marlins did?

And let's not get out of hand with the sentiment towards Litsch, who has still walked more batters than he's struck out, and hasn't won since his cockle-warming debut.

A prognostication: This is based on nothing more than a vague thought we had last night, connecting other teams' needs to the Jays, but what do you suppose are the chances that A.J. finishes the year (and his contract) in a Mets uniform? Just a thought.

Bonus coverage: Check out Neate's take at Out of Left Field.

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It is awfully strange how fast a falling-out the FO has had with AJ considering his health issues have been a known factor from the get-go.

If TO is to move him to the Mets, who's the target? Milledge? Heilman? They have any SS candidates down the pike that are shadowed by Reyes?