Monday, July 30, 2007

Pulling double duty

The second Blue Jays Bloggers' Roundtable is now posted at the Jays Nest, so take a look if you want to see our thoughts - as well as those of Bugs and Cranks' Spencer Kyte, the 500 Level's Todd Devlin, Darrell Humber (who dat?) and Jays Nest's own Dave Rouleau - on the Rogers Centre or the likelihood of more Gibby next year, and other marginalia.

Working overtime: We'll also be pulling a double shift next week by filling in for a vacationing Neate Sager over at Out of Left Field. While we've been tasked with keeping his peeps up to date on the Jays, we're also looking to drop some serious hockey knowledge while we're there, including why we think the Ottawa Senators would be smarter to keep Ray Emery and Martin Gerber. (Actually, that's pretty much the extent of our opinions on hockey, so we kinda blew our wad right there.)

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