Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Speculation in lieu of actual trade rumours

We've been dying for some half-decent trade rumours. We're frankly sick of the Glaus to the Los Angeles Whoevers or Whatevers, because that's old news, and it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

So our eyes perked up a bit when we saw Dave over at JaysNest float this one:
"What would you say if Pittsburgh Pirates SS Jack Wilson was a Blue Jay? He is said to be on the trading block and if my memory serves me well, a deal was in the works a few years ago at the trade deadline, but it just didn’t get done."
We'd say: Wilson is so dreadful, he'd barely represent an upgrade over what the Jays have at short now. Compare the OPS for this year and for their careers:
  • Wilson: .670 this year, .674 career
  • McDonald: .712, .601 career
  • Clayton: .618, .671 career
Wilson's recent benching in favour of Jose Castillo is being interpreted in Pittsburgh as evidence that a trade is imminent. However, at $5.4 million, he's the highest paid member of the Pirates. And that is not a reflection of his actual worth so much as it is a reflection on what a messed up franchise the Pirates are.

God willing, J.P. passes on this clunker.


Darren Priest said...

Hear hear...we don't need no more blah shortstops!

Dave Rouleau said...

Ohhhh, the gloves are off

I received and email suggesting we should do it and I wanted to 'test the market'.

I like his handling of the bat, but you are right he wouldn't be much of an upgrade.

A reader asked in our Comments section whether we should trade Glaus for a Dodgers pitching prospect. Kershaw, Elbert...Billingsley who's rotting in the bullpen?

I know you're sick of it, but for the sake of discussion, what do you guys think.

Nice to see you over at the Nest guys!

Anonymous said...

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