Sunday, June 10, 2007

Your weekend in review

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe we're still a little dizzy from the final episode of the Sopranos. (And on that note: WTF?) But we need a moment to regain our composure.

Sunday's 11-5 routing of the Dodgers gave Jays fans the opposite perspective, and let us see what it is like when your team puts a tuning on the other team's underperforming and injured ace. Jason Schmidt - who we thought was the best signing of the offseason (oops) - gave up six runs and nine hits in four innings, and had less than nothing on his pitches.

Troy Glaus continues to swat it with authority, and even looked sharp in the field in spite of the fact that his knees continue to leave him lumbering around the bases like a man twice his age. (But on the plus side for Glaus, Mrs. Tao of Stieb thinks "he's pretty hot".)

Doc looked much better today, but follow us on our theory: Halladay is messed up throwing from the stretch, and as long as he can throw from the windup, he's okay. After the first inning today, Halladay was not asked to pitch from the stretch for any extended period, and his pitches all seemed to have the same zip and late movement that make Doc dominant. And, he really looked like he knew what he was doing at the plate today, hitting two solid singles and driving in a run.

Big ups to Shaun Marcum, who was efficient on Saturday over 6.2 innings in his 1-0 win over the Dodgers. It marks the third start this year for Marcum where he has not allowed an earned run, and he's made us completely forget that drunk driving dude with the glasses and the perfume.

Speaking of injured pitchers, Jeff Blair blogs that Brandon League is on the mend, and could be back in the bullpen by the end of June. Not that we're breaking out the party hats, mind you.

Hope all had a great weekend, and that you've braced yourself for this simple truth: tomorrow's starting pitcher for the Jays is the Gas Can, Josh Towers. Yeesh.

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Drew said...

I can't believe that I am the only person completely enamored with league. he was lights out last year once he came back up. kid is for real. I hope he comes back and looks just as good. log jam in the pen, a luxury most clubs would love to have.